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LaPaz, Mexico 2010

August 4, 2010
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We can confirm the depictions of Baja Mexico with turquoise blue seas, beautiful beaches and elegant resorts.  These were all nice things which we saw from afar, but relaxation was not our mission our mission was to help Peter and Cher Gatto with their vision of Rancho Elcamino.

Rancho Elcamino is a camp with a vision to serve the people of LaPaz, Mexico.  The camp’s focus is to use a horse ministry as the opportunity to share Christ.  Rancho Elcamino is the first Christian camp founded in Baja Mexico.  However, Rancho Elcamino is off the grid with only a vision, a house and well.  The vision of the Gatto’s began when they arrived at Rancho Elcamino to find a natural spring well and a half finished home.  They where struck by a verse in Isaiah: “preparing a way in the desert” (Isaiah 43: 18-21) and the MIM’s team was step of faith in helping build this vision. 

In a round about way the LaPaz MIM’s team was assembled in perfect order a brick mason, a plumber, and a concrete finisher.  We also included on our team was a salesman, a recruiter, a dentist and a small business owner.  Our team was ready to go serve Rancho Elcamino.

While lots of projects were ours for the picking, we were guided to focus on the bath house.  Although a bathroom is simple project in the grand scheme of the mission, it is vital to the day to day operations of the camp.  Our team jumped in starting with dug-out footings and ending with the rough shell of a bathhouse.  We also finished the plumbing in the main ranch home and secured a well-pump system which would provide plenty of water for the camp facilities.

An excerpt from the Gatto’s newletter:

A special thanks to: MIM's- An amazing team of very skilled and hard-working men who dedicated much time and resources to building the ranch's public bathroom.  (Yeah!)  We were also blessed by much needed work on our water system and the construction of a generator house.  These men were unbelievable!  See you next year guys!

Please consider joining us next year as we plan to return.

Jim Owens (630) 886-9807

Trip Date: February 7, 2010

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